The Destruction of Jerusalem
by George Peter Holford 
with notes from Jonathan Welton

Matthew’s Gospel of the King
by David Collins

The Revelation of Jesus Christ 
A Love Story
by David Collins

The End is Fun 
The Last Days and the End Time
by David Collins

The Kingdom of God 
The Glorious End
by David Collins

Raptureless - an optimistic guide 
to the end of the world
by Jonathan Welton Th.D.

The Prophetic Moment 
The Advancing Kingdom 
and the Feasts of Israel
by David Collins
Sarah of Jerusalem
A Short Story by David Collins

Sarah lives in a small apartment in Jerusalem. The year is 68 AD. She is the oldest of three generations of her family crammed into the small space in the middle of this bustling city. Many baby girls of her generation bore the name, Sarah – a reflection of the love they all had for Abraham’s wife from whom their beloved nation had been born a good 2000 years earlier.

Sarah was the mother of Tom, who also lived in the apartment with his wife Ruth and their twin daughters. Sarah’s husband had not been seen for thirty years – it was assumed he had not survived after a gang of thugs had broken into their home all that time ago … a proud Pharisee named Saul had led this unruly band – they especially relished breaking in as the believers – disciples of the Nazarene – sang their hymns together. Dragging Sarah’s young husband away, along with other men-folk from the group … Sarah could still remember Saul’s mocking laughter, even though she had long ago forgiven these men and happily immersed herself in the life of the community of believers, and her little family.

For thirty years, Sarah had been rebuilding her life – but it had been far from easy. In the mayhem of those early years of faith, large numbers of her friends had fled Jerusalem for the towns and cities that surrounded the eastern Mediterranean. In those days the Christ community numbered close to 20,000 devotees, but was radically reduced to just a few thousand by the effect of Saul’s persecution against them.

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